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About Us

In June of 1984, Ron Ball was appointed to start Heritage United Methodist Church (UMC); the fourth United Methodist Church in Enterprise at the time. With only 15 members, 5 of which were part of the Ball family; Heritage had a very humble beginning by meeting in homes, restaurants and gyms. Later that year; with five acres of land purchased by way of gifts from the Dothan District Conference, First UMC, and St. Luke UMC; a more permanent home was established for the growing congregation.

Since its inception 8 pastors have served Heritage UMC: Ron Ball (1984-1995), Bruce Sheffield (1995-1997), Tim Trent (1997-1998), Charles Smith (1998-1999), Steven Ashbrook (1999-2000), Mark Osgood (2000-2005), Dean Moore (2005-2010), and, currently, and Matt Albritton (2010-present).

To date the campus contains the Chapel (est. 1986), Education Building (est. 1988), Worship Center (est. 1991) and two storage trailers.

Showing God’s love to both the local and global community has always been important to Heritage, and, from that heart, it has founded and maintained many outreach projects in both Enterprise and further outward (Durango, Mexico, Highgate and Jamaica) alongside its support of other ministries (Methodist Children’s and Boy’s Home, Feeding the Multitudes) as well.

Heritage is also blessed with caring and supportive Sunday school teachers, as well as many others who volunteer in a wide variety of ministries including, but not limited to: children’s ministry, student ministry, both men’s and women’s study and accountability groups, a vigilant and devoted prayer ministry, theater ministry, and many individuals who give their time and talents to see that our buildings are maintained.

Our Staff

Kevin Krist

Lead Pastor

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Jamie Farquhar

Student Pastor

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